During these tricky times, we hope you're all well and taking care of each others and wanted to keep you updated on our business.

Regarding ÉDIT(h), we decided to expedite and start the planned opening of the EC site we were preparing. We do everything to make sure orders get shipped to you.

ÉDIT(h) the impress

We do everything to make sure orders get shipped to you as long as we can, to make customers happiness-impress in any day.

As your usual preferred store might be closed for visits, At the shops below, you can purchase ÉDIT(h) through e-commerce for a limited time. please help them to stay in business by using their online channels wherever you can, and where local shipping is available.

If you want to order from our website we do:
We give 20% of your product order value to the Covid-19 fund of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)* -. This is default for all orders received till May 30th.

Feel free to share this letter with your friends, when ordering on https://edith.shop-pro.jp/

In the meantime, Please Stay Safe !

International private and non-profit organization that carries out medical and humanitarian assistance activities from an independent, neutral and impartial standpoint.
This donation is limited to medical assistance activities for COVID-19 infectious diseases and other assistance activities associated with the spread of infectious diseases.
Donations from us will be added to the target procurement amount from Japan in the overall budget of MSF for this activity.

<Stockist online shop> ※Start selling a few days later than this site
ESTNATION  https://www.estnation.co.jp/
ESTNATION (ZOZOTOWN)  https://zozo.jp/shop/estnation/
TEMPO  https://tempo23.com/